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The GSTJournal and other software is available in the downloads area of the John Harrison Accountants website

How to Obtain Access to Downloads from John Harrison Accountants

If you are a client (or have ever been a client) of John Harrison Accountants, unless we have for some reason best known to you blacklisted you then you have access to the downloads area of our web site and can download software and other goodies. Otherwise the downloads area does not appear. If you are not a client and have never been one then for the sum of $A 50 you obtain client download privileges from John Harrison Accountants for life or at least as long as John Harrison Accountants or the firms successors are offering the service and we have not blacklisted you (We retain the right to blacklist clients in case, for example, they haven't paid their bill!)

You can not only download the GSTJournal but also a wages book, finance and other Excel templates. Take me to John Harrison Accountants download area so I can check them out

To Become a Client with Download Privileges

If you have never been to John Harrison Accountants for a tax return, resume or other services and are not a client then all you have to do is bank $A 50 using an internet banking facility into the following account.

John Harrison, Commonwealth Bank, Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

BSB: 067 000

Account Number: 28074754

Please then email us with (at least) the following information. (Don't forget to delete the obvious foil for spam trollers in the email address if you click on email us!)

Your name, your address, your phone numbers etc.

Don't forget to copy and paste into the email the receipt your bank gives you when you credit our account as without it we cannot help you and you may as well burn your money to keep warm!

Once we have received and recorded your transfer, provided you have emailed us so we have your email address (we do not write or phone), you will be able to download the GSTJournal and other goodies from the John Harrison Accountants download area.